Hi everyone! It’s a pleasure to be a guest blogger. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m 24 and just finished a harrowing year in a master’s program at ed school. I went into the program knowing what I wanted to get out of it in order to be a good teacher, and I got almost none of it. Read my blog if you’re interested in the details of my year of shame.

By some miracle of science, I recently landed a job with a high-performing, fun, great, fantastalicious, SUPER charter school in New York City. I am so lucky that they were willing to take a chance on me. It’s my dream job. We just finished 3 weeks of summer school, and I love it already. The kids are great, the parents really want this kind of education for their kids, and everyone in the school works so hard and is so smart. So happiness has arrived.

Over the next few days I’ll be posting entries about articles I see and whatnot. I’m not used to this format wherein I have to “read things” and then “comment intelligently.” For my blog I just spewed out random thoughts that came into my head, which usually consisted of nonsensical cursing at the nearly unbelievable stupidity and wastefulness of the education establishment. Saying something constructive is more difficult. So if you see any interesting articles or news, PLEASE send them my way! You can email me at newoldschoolteacher@gmail.com . And don’t worry, the eduwonk will be back before I can do any real damage to the good reputation of this blog. 🙂

–Guest blogger Newoldschoolteacher

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