Widmeyer Communicates But Ed Week Buries A Big Lede

In an Ed Week commentary Scott Widmeyer writes-up a sensible list of guidelines for education communications, well worth reading.

Meanwhile, Michelle Davis reports on the rise of the Republican Study Committee comprised of the serious House conservatives and the eduimplications but seriously buries the lede at the very bottom. Davis:

Randall J. Moody, the manager of federal policy and politics for the 2.7 million-member National Education Association, which is typically allied with liberal House members, said he could envision a scenario in which his Washington-based teachers’ union works with members of the RSC.

“Obviously, they have a philosophy which should in some ways mesh with ours in terms of empowering school districts and teachers at the local level,” he said. “In reauthorization, that coalition might be helpful.”

He acknowledged that “in terms of money, they haven’t been helpful.” While the NEA has repeatedly called for more federal education funding, the RSC has worked to cut the amount of the federal budget spent on education. But that doesn’t preclude working together, Mr. Moody said.

Though he would only say “possibly” when asked if the NEA has already been in contact with RSC members about the law’s reauthorization, he emphasized that “our goal here isn’t partisan or ideological. …We work with those who share our goals.”

Share their goals? The Republican Study Committee romances localism and has a goal of building a bridge to the early part of the 19th Century…Sure, in terms of money they “haven’t been helpful,” but on exactly which Democratic/liberal/progressive issue have they been helpful? The NEA is, we’re told, a key part of the last vanguard of progressivism in our country. Please spare me that nonsense. They’d happily work with the RSC to eviscerate the provisions in No Child Left Behind that are squarely aimed at leveling the playing field for poor and minority youngsters. For the RSC it’s about federalism and at least that’s a real and intellectually defensible principle. What’s the NEA’s excuse? File this one squarely under with friends like these Democrats don’t need Republicans. Davis caught the NEA in the act and it again shows they will stop at nothing to undo this law. Why did Ed Week bury it at the end of the story? See also this topical essay by UFT’s Leo Casey on this issue.

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