Ticking Away The Minutes That Make Up The Dull Day…And Stereotypes!

I guess I’m dumb. Seems to me that recess is important for kids and that academics are important, too. So if, as today’s Post breathlessly reports*, we’re having trouble getting all that done in the time kids are in school each day/week then shouldn’t we either seriously examine how we use time and/or extend the amount of time kids are in school? Sure, there are huge costs (apparent and hidden) embedded in that but it seems like the obvious thing to do. *Also, just a thought, recess proponents might want to consider downplaying the sexist stereotypes, I’m for time for recess despite the heartwarming tales of boys playing sports while girls play house that the Post relays…I think that girls like sports, too, don’t they? At least the ones I grew up with…Update: Reader BP helpfully sends along this article on the issue. Update II: Helpful reader BH sends long this excellent Mass 2020 report (pdf) which also digs into the issue. Update III: The AFTies helpfully point out that the “no recess” scare is a perpetual one and there is some data going the other way.

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