Thank God For Katherine Close

She’s the kid who beat back the Canadian menace to win the National Spelling Bee last night. I just don’t think I could have listened to weeks of conservative belly-aching about how an American kid couldn’t win our own spelling bee and the corresponding complaints about our public schools without losing my mind. Also, for spelling bee junkies there is the official bee blog or the unofficial but much more comprehensive Mr. Sun spelling bee live-blogging. Why was I so interested in the spelling bee? Duh! Disc–The Eduwife is a Canadian citizen (dual) so the Eduspawn are dual…no kidding. A little Friday trivia for you… Photo: Mark Bowen/Scripps National Spelling Bee

Update: More Bee and Your Celebrity Moment: Saryn Hook, the poised Tarheel speller who was disqualified and then re-qualified in last night’s dramatic bee as she outspelled the judges is doing a touch of guest blogging over at Mr. Sun’s place where she was glorified this week as “The Hook.” She says, “I’m hanging up my hook for now, but I’m sure I’ll find use for it later.” Scroll down and send her a note.

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