Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

Bonjour, readers! I’m an FOE (Friend of Eduwonk), who’s generously given me 48 hours to occupy this revered space in the blogosphere. I am honored and terrified, but Eduwonk’s assured me it’s an admirable enterprise, and — he said this — “cheaper than therapy.” In real life, I am a lawyer specializing in education policy and civil rights, professional provacateur (but not in the way Leo Casey uses the term), mother of 3 teenaged boys, and spouse of a clinical law professor who’s also the founder of a successful charter high school in D.C. In my vast stretches of free time I enjoy WVa’s Cacapon River, jazz and rock & roll music, and until Monday, World Cup Soccer. My organization, CCCR, crusades for our unique brand of truth, justice and educational equity. More on some of these pursuits, and more, in the hours ahead. Stay tuned… Guestblogger Dianne Piche

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