No More Pencils, No More Books

School’s out for the summer here in Maryland where I live, and kids are blasting Alice Cooper’s anthem (and worse) on their iTunes, celebrating the end of the ’05-06 school year. Congress is getting rolling on NCLB reauthorization, educators are biting their nails waiting for this spring’s test scores and AYP results, and edupolitics keep getting curiouser and curiouser. What’s more, the new Roberts Supreme Court is considering perhaps the most important race cases in K-12 education in decades. So what better time to reflect not only on these developments, but more up close and personal, on some of the events of the past school year that have touched individual student lives in a big, big way? I just don’t think one can or should do edupolicy w/o paying really close attention to what actually happens in real schools and in real kids’ lives. So as we dissect the Big Issues of the day, we’ll also “visit” some real kids in real schools along the way. Enjoy … Guestblogger Dianne Piche

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