Interesting post from a UFT member complaining about the new contract. Two takeaways: First, not as easy to be a reformer as my friend Leo Casey says. And, per the post itself, in what other industry do you get to walk in and have a claim on a job? Not saying that seniority shouldn’t count for something but they days of, “you pick the school you like and simply go there” are thankfully increasingly a thing of the past. Update: The UFT member writes to say: I’d like to clarify something — your point about which industry allows you to do this stuff is certainly valid. However, the UFT transfer plan was given to us in exchange for one, or two zero percent raises. It’s simply bad business to give up something for nothing. Also, however you may feel about this or that plan, it’s disingenuous and outright ridiculous that Mr. Mendel present this change as a UFT victory.

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