AFT Members: Your Dues Money At Work

It’s beyond me how the AFTies will ever “fix” No Child Left Behind if this is how they spend their time. Nonetheless, some interesting numbers, a fun website, and a good spellcheck catch in their latest post about the blog you’re reading now…but in their fetishizing they ignore the key stat: Percent of AFTie NCLBlog posts mentioning or about Eduwonk? Somewhere between 20 and 25 percent! Hmmm…maybe less time on this blog and more on signature gathering? Just a friendly suggestion!

Anyway, while you’re over there, One-L does point out that the AFTies are not on the big organizational sign-on letter to overhaul NCLB and haven’t joined the NEA in suing over the law. This is actually interesting because it’s a toe dip into the NEA v. AFT water and the AFTies tend to be reluctant to point that stuff out in public…

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