Outsource Greasing

The AFTies are understandably upset about this WaPo editorial today about the offshoring of tutoring but basically, I think the WaPo hits the nail on the head in terms of the big picture issues and the AFTie post shows what this is basically about: jobs not kids.* The problem, however, is that the Bush Administration and the states have done a lousy job regulating the NCLB-sparked supplemental services industry right here in this country, bricks and mortar or otherwise, so I’m pretty leery of their ability to police quality in say Bangalore. That’s obviously not an absolute reason not to go down this road, but it does mean the regulatory framework must be more robust than it is now. Disc: I hardly ever write Eduwonk anymore, I have a smartass kid in India who does it for 50 cents an hour plus bikini pictures.

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