Send In The Clowns

Let me get this straight: Washington DC’s SEED School is one of only two non-selective public high schools in all of Washington to make “adequate yearly progress” under No Child Left Behind last year, it’s sent all of (100 percent) its first two graduating classes off with acceptances to college, and it’s a national model for public schools, the nation’s only public boarding school*. And yet this clownish group called “Save Our Schools” is organizing a protest of SEED’s offices for next week to try to curtail their plans to open a second campus in the city! In a recent letter to DC Superintendent Janey, Save Our Schools claimed that charter schools in DC have “not had any positive effects on DCPS children or on the DCPS system.” Righto! That explains why they’re oversubscribed and accounts for all those kids heading off to college…Mark Twain was right, apparently few things are as annoying as a good example…

For a clown-free overview of the good and the bad of DC charter schools, you can’t beat Sara Mead’s Capital Campaign.

*Update, to be clear: 4-year, non-selective public boarding high school.

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