Kevin Carey Does Hate Teachers, And Russlynn Ali Does, Too!

There has been some dispute, thankfully not as serious as this dispute, about whether Kevin Carey does, or does not, hate teachers. The evidence is in: This NY Daily News op-ed makes clear, he does…And, Ed Trust West’s Russlynn Ali must, too, if this testimony before the Aspen NCLB task force is any indication.

First, implementation [of NCLB’s teacher quality provisions] has been slow, and that’s being generous. States are only now beginning to comply with reporting requirements — after fighting, dodging, and just plain ignoring the law’s requirements since the very beginning. Second, dollars in Title II of NCLB that are earmarked to help raise teacher quality have not been appropriately targeted nor have they paid off with much innovation. And third, through statutory loopholes in the definition of “comparable” services, NCLB actually ignores big differences in access to teacher quality, essentially codifying the teacher quality gap into law.

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