CEP Madness Cheat Sheet

More than a few readers say all this back and forth about CEP and their report is too confusing because there are too many posts. So, here’s an Eduwonk cheat sheet to the whole affair. These links have all the external links to Russo and the AFTies that you need to follow all the action from home:

First, NYT cites CEP as a data point in their front-page curriculum narrowing story. Then, the report is released and doesn’t quite support the top line number that has everyone buzzing. Next, the NYT editorial page disses the news story. And then Sherlock Russo gets on the case and the AFTies bravely defend misleading press releases in the service of a good story. Finally, Education Next attacks!

Bottom line: Though curriculum narrowing is an unfortunate issue, the idea, which took hold last week, that 7 in 10 schools are seriously cutting into other subjects to teach math and reading is not really supported by the study. The chart below (background here) shows the data from inside the CEP report. I don’t think CEP has done enough to tamp down the hysteria following the NYT piece and in fact fueled the fire with their press statements and press release. Greg Forster says CEP’s in the tank, Russo sort of does, and the AFTies alternatively whine and say who cares about accuracy!

Percentage Of Districts That Have Reduced Instructional Time in Some Subjects to Make More Time for English/Language Arts and/or Math,
2004-05 and 2005-06.

Source: Center For Education Policy.

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