Under-Thought.com Part Deux

The political logic behind the 65 percent solution idea being touted around the country was pretty simple: Divide and conquer. While publicly its proponents trotted out a bunch of public relations arguments that didn’t hold up, privately they didn’t care because the real point was to drive a wedge between the teachers unions and school boards. That was a boneheaded strategy that a few minutes of studying state and local education politics should have put to rest. Those guys don’t fight each other over stuff like this. But an even stranger thing has since happened, Rick Hess attacked the idea in the Wash. Times and now Jay Greene has, too, in NRO. It’s almost like the big plan was even less thought-through than even it first appeared…what serious national thought leaders support this lemon? And, what a waste of money that could have been spent on a more substantive and serious reform idea.

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