Teachers’ Unions v. Stossel, Round II

Teachers’ unions in several cities are now launching protests against ABC’s John Stossel over his recent special. Let’s stipulate that Stossel’s coverage of education is entirely agenda driven. It’s not even “fair and balanced” in the wink wink way and there’s a punchline before he even starts: School vouchers. Regardless, I still think that demonizing him like this is exactly the wrong way to deal with it. Isn’t this the exact reaction he sought? It gives him a platform to keep punching back, turns him into a martyr, and surely can’t hurt ratings. In other words, seems like this strategy just fans the flames rather than putting them out. And, the further they push this the more they have to get some kind of result or lose face, what does it mean if nothing happens? What’s the end game?

Besides, does anyone even remember the original special at this point? Why bring it back up?

Update: Chalkboard’s Williams doesn’t get it either: It’s getting hard to believe the UFT and ABC’s John Stossel aren’t in cahoots somehow. This afternoon’s teacher protest of ABC creates better publicity than the cheesily mustached Stossel could have ever hoped for…

Update II: NYC Educator agrees, too, tartly noting “…[I work] in a DoE trailer 5 times a day, 5 days a week. Yet you don’t see me organizing marches protesting The Jerry Springer Show.”

Update III: In case there was any doubt who will win the PR war, the NY Sun lays it rest. Via Intercepts.

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