Stop The Presses!

Wow! Black parents, when given an opportunity to get out of crummy schools and into better public schools, do so! Who would’ve thunk it? It’s stunning stuff really. Next we’re probably going to hear something really crazy like that black people like coffee, too!

And, what’s more, turns out that the public schools don’t always do a great job with minority kids and sometimes even try to evade responsibility on that front!

I’m reeling! Seems like there might even be political implications to all this…

Update: MSJ’s Borsuk reports from Milwaukee on the pretty substantial expansion of the private school choice plan there. The bottom of the article pretty clearly shows the tension facing Democrats. Pro-voucher Rep. Jason Fields (D-Milwaukee) to voucher foes: “If you really want to change education, then help bring me some solutions for the Milwaukee Public Schools.”

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