Stompin’ Stossel Update: Time For Edushuttle Diplomacy or Edu Don King!

The protest against John Stossel seems to have gone nowhere. So now it’s letter writin’ time! He’s done for now! Meanwhile, Joe Williams notes that despite the anti-Stossel assault, Disney’s stock is rising. You can play along yourself here. And, this still seems to Eduwonk be the best PR Stossel has enjoyed in a while.

So, here’s a suggestion for the forces arrayed against Stossel: Have a public debate. There is nothing like a little sunshine and public airing of issues to make or break a case. Get an impartial, but knowledgeable, moderator like Hechinger’s Richard Colvin and have UFT chief Randi Weingarten and Stossel debate the issue at hand, whether Stossel’s recent 20/20 piece on schools was biased. It would pack Washington’s National Press Club.

If we can’t get them together live, Eduwonk will happily give them each 1000 words of eduspace here to make their cases and another 500 words to rebut each other. So far the UFT is hitting Stossel for being biased and he’s hitting them for being angry at him. Let’s instead debate the content of the show and let the public decide.

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