Stan Dard Kicks It Up! And, Joe Williams Kicks The Governator While He’s Down!

Finally some payoff for all that public dues money! It’s time to pimp my education special interest group, The National Association of State Boards of Education! (Yes, I not only study regulatory capture, I live it, too…) NASBE’s blog has been popping of late as the mysterious Stan Dard gives us the skinny and the links on Vince Young and the Wonderlic (and sorry non-sports fans, it’s not as titillating as it sounds) and takes a shot at Harvard for throwing over Larry Summers — is that an official NASBE position? If so, it’s the most interesting one ever! Regardless, it’s good stuff so swing by. Question: Is Stan Dard actually NASBE’s ace gov’t relations guy David Griffith (shown in an action pose pondering big thoughts)? Readers want to know…

Also, Chalkboard’s Joe Williams is live-blogging the National Charter Schools conference in Sacramento this week. So far, no man-purse action (just one more way that less involvement from the feds is a positive turn) but plenty of chowder school action.

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