An email box full of good tips after a few days away, here are a few:

As I’ve said, you should read the AFT’s American Educator, one of the best edupubs out there. The new issue focuses on content rich curricula for the early grades with a feature article by E.D. Hirsch.

At the eSchoolNews – Discovery Learning meeting they had a panel on edublogs featuring the winners of their 2006 blog awards. I was otherwise engaged but Sara Mead, who was there for the birth of Eduwonk, attended.

Wow. Perhaps I was wrong about national standards; if they’re ready for them in SC then they’ll sell anywhere.

School choice advocate Mathew Ladner wants to buy you a steak with all the trimmings:

The first person in the nation who can send me two random assignment school-choice studies showing significant declines in either academic performance or parental satisfaction will win a steak dinner. I’ll even throw in drinks and dessert — the whole nine yards. You have one month to send the studies to Feel free to forward this to your anti-school-choice friends and invite them to play. The more the merrier.

NACSA reports that “Forty-four applicant groups have applied to run charter schools in New Orleans as part of the redevelopment of the storm-ravaged city.”

Interesting Aspen Institute – Annenberg report on Boston (pdf), what’s happened, what’s important during the leadership transition there.

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