Couple of housekeeping matters. First, we’re still #1 here. But more seriously, very nice and flattering to be named the Best K-12 Administration blog (pdf) by eSchool News and Discovery Educator Network. So thank you to the good folks over there. The other three winners are Assorted Stuff for Best Classroom Instruction Blog, Applied Science Research for Best Classroom Instruction Blog for Students, and Moving At the Speed of Creativity for Best Education Theory Blog. Congrats to them, as well, very cool blogs all. I especially read Assorted Stuff regularly and not just when he says nice things about my work.

Also, Eduwonk was flattered to be asked to join the WSJ’s Blog Federation which launched a few weeks back. It’s a range of blogs from Iraq the Model and the quotamatic Larry Sabato of UVA to biggies like Instapundit and Dynamist to some of the regulars on the political right you’d expect from the WSJ. I was impressed they invited Eduwonk since I don’t share their editorial positions on many issues within education and most without so kudos to them for some much needed point-of-view diversity in today’s polarized climate. And, it was great to see an edublog included since, let’s face it, ours is not yet an A-list issue like it should be. So check that out, too.

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