While I Was Away I Learned…

I go away (work related no less) for three days and all kinds of things happen:

I learn that I’m Rick Hess Bi*ch is plum dog mean and a bully and the AFT’s One-L learned that not all teachers think alike because Alice In Eduland didn’t offer up the stock response One-L was hoping for! And, I also learned that Paul Hill is diabolical! He, of course, henceforth will be known as “Dr. Diabolical” as he hatches his wicked plans from his lair in the Pacific Northwest!

And finally, and most importantly, because of a lot of emails I learned that while all the guest bloggers are popular you all really like Alice in Eduland so we’ll have her back again for sure. In fact, newspapers even reached out to inquire about her services as an op-ed writer…So, a big thanks to Alice for her blogging the past few days.

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