Michael Winerip Decries Philanthropic Darwinism

In the NYT Michael Winerip does some source-greasing of his favorite idea mill for stories: FairTest. Russo said a while ago that FairTest is on the fringe. That’s basically true though as Eduwonk said it’s not a reason to not call them. The real problem is that FairTest has basically become (a) No-test* and consequently not a helpful force to improve the quality of standardized testing (b) a crutch for lazy reporters and (c) in the last few years an anti-NCLB propaganda machine more than a testing group.

In other words, while there is a real need for an organization dedicated to policing the standardized testing industry for quality, FairTest is not, or rather is no longer, that organization. That might have something to do with their current financial woes, which the newest member of their fundraising team — Michael Winerip — tries to help with today…

*For instance, Ted Sizer says that the MCAS, the K-12 standardized tests in Massachusetts, is a pretty good test yet FairTest simply has no use for it.

Update: If you had any doubt how cozy this all is, FairTest’s website prominently thanks their friend “Mike” for today’s advertorial news analysis column…

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