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Over at Edwize Leo Casey weighs-in on Joe Williams concern that AFT blogger One-L is lazy (and makes a very funny joke but sadly doesn’t give us a film review). He also touches on the KIPP issue per this post and says that “those who promote [KIPP] in New York would insist that it is broadly replicable.” I have no idea precisely what is being/has been said in NYC about KIPP. But, there is a distinction between saying KIPP is the model and saying KIPP shows that we can do better than we do now and need different models to try to do that. In other words, replicating KIPP everywhere as the solution and replicating the idea of KIPP everywhere are two different things and it’s the latter you usually hear…Also, Casey says that a convincing case has not been made for pluralism around teacher quality. Huh? Isn’t the problem that we have too much (pdf) pluralism (pdf) around it now and that maintaining the chokehold of schools of ed does little to address this?

And, Boardbuzz, please tell us what we are to think of this irony laden Wash. Post story! Update: Boardbuzz is on the case — They tell us (a) to think it’s much ado about nothing and then (b) they, pace I’m Rick Hess Bit*h, attack the Ed Schools!!! Art Wise, call your office!

Update: Williams responds and also makes a hilarious point about the inevitable Giuliani – Bloomberg comparisons.

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