Hess’ Disposition In The WaPo And NCLB’s Times, Are They A Changin’?

After this op-ed in Sunday’s Wash. Post Outlook section, what’s the over-under on how long it is before Art Wise slashes I’m Rick Hess Bi*ch’s tires?*

Also, while you’re there, the Wash. Post ed board takes note of the significance of what happened last week in CT. Worth heeding.

*Afterthought: Seriously, isn’t part of the issue here implementation? Eduwonk has no doubt that NCATE’s Wise is sincere when he says that that NCATE’s goal is not to create the sort of circumstances that Hess rightly is concerned about. But, Wise has about 1300 schools of education in this country on his hands and some of them, quite frankly, are populated by banana-heads (that’s a technical industry term). So regardless of his good intentions or sincerity he’s in something of a box where guys like Hess and George Will can pound on him pretty much at will unless he speaks out to a degree that causes upheaval amongst his members.

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