Collective Action

Collective Bargaining in Education: Negotiating Change in Today’s Schools will be released Tuesday at the National Press Club at noon. You can come and get a free lunch. Event and RSVP info here. Speakers include CCCR’s Bill Taylor, UFT’s Leo Casey, and CRPE’s Paul Hill. Here are some the early reviews on the book, could be that there is a real issue here:

“It is unfathomable that, in light of recent efforts to close the student achievement gap, the body of research examining the impact of collective bargaining by teachers on public education is so scant. What are the facts and how do we find them? Hannaway and Rotherham rightly raise the issue and put forth real alternatives.”—Andrew L. Stern, President, Service Employees International Union

“School districts and unions are among the most conservative institutions left in our country. Their reluctance to budge from the status quo and their fierce resistance to competition adversely impact student achievement, teacher quality, and fiscal equity. Hannaway and Rotherham confront the 800-pound obstacle to renewing public education and set the stage for a vigorous debate that is long overdue.”—Alan Bersin, California Secretary of Education, former San Diego Superintendent of Schools, and Clinton Administration U.S. Attorney and Border Czar.

“Jane Hannaway and Andrew Rotherham have turned a searchlight on an important and neglected subject. Collective Bargaining in Education assembles experts who often have strongly contrasting views but whose knowledge and perspectives are invaluable. This is a must-read for anyone concerned about reforming public education.”—William L. Taylor, Chairman, Citizens’ Commission on Civil Rights

“We have waited decades for such a comprehensive overview of collective bargaining and teachers unions. A fascinating mixture of solid empirical studies and balanced, informed debate.”—Mike Kirst, Professor of Education and Business Administration, Stanford University

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