Al Shanker Meets Fred Astaire: The Mighty Musical Union

Day 25, it’s come to this: The AFT eviscerate NCLB (but we mean only sorta, really!) blog has put together a little song and dance routine about No Child Left Behind.* Apparently they hired a PR firm for this whole undertaking, too.

I’m speechless.

*In fairness, word on the edustreet is that going down this road was far from a unanimous position inside the AFT.

Update: Give the AFT some credit, their number is hardly the worst No Child Left Behind song…Thx to reader EC.

Update II: From an NCLB critic at Kindling Flames:

When thinking about what it takes to truly create large scale policy reform, you have to wonder if the AFT has the right formula. I mean, do you really picture Dr. King, Malcolm X, or Gandhi in the throes of the civil rights movement saying to their peers; “Don’t you think a cartoon musical with singing animals would inspire a change in the hearts and minds of a country and get Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964?”

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