What Do Derrick Frost And NSBA’s Legal Team Have In Common?

Eduwonk’s been wondering about Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito…when it comes to his edulaw thinking should he be confirmed, rejected, filibustered, loved hated, or what? Naturally, the place to turn for help thinking about the answer is the National School Board Association’s well-regarded legal team…but again they’re no help because on the big calls they punt more than the Redskins!

Recall that after comparing now-Chief Justice John Roberts to Socrates (pdf) NSBA declined to take a position on his nomination to the SCOTUS and now they’re similarly non-committal on Judge Alito! C’mon! Sure, the NEA opposes Alito, duh, that’s as predictable as the sunrise, but some actual analysis and opinion about this edulegal thinking from the top lawyers in the school law business would be helpful especially because there is some evidence that Alito is something of a judicial activist on educational issues.

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