Rank? Or Just A Fat White Elephant From The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce?

Word is that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is going to start ranking public schools in some way. This should set off a really entertaining food fight with lots of over the top rhetoric from both sides since the ed interest groups will hate it.* Problem is, for now you’re going to be hungry because the Chamber is offering no details about how they’re going to do it! We have to wait six weeks for those. A lot of ways this could be misleading or at best redundant…though some ways it could be helpful, too.

Perhaps they’re not really going to do it at all but just want to scare off anyone else who might be thinking about doing it? Probably not, just sounds like a half-baked idea (we need to do something on education!) that caught the ear of someone at the Chamber.

*Incidentally, Eduwonk thought the anti-testing line was “you don’t fatten cattle by weighing them.” It’s a good rhetorical line (however a friend who raised award-winning cattle for 4-H and state fair competitions says it’s not true in the sense it’s intended since you do in fact measure). But in any event, what the hell does “You don’t fatten an elephant by weighing it” mean?

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