New Edublog

The AFT has launched a new blog, sort of a big brother to the UFT’s blog (though in a troubling case of eduinbreeding they both share curiously similar disclaimer language with this blog). Michelle Davis gives you the scoop ($) on the AFT effort in Ed Week. It’s worth checking out though they don’t reveal who their prolific posters are.

Unfortunately, the AFT blog is apparently going to be mostly about No Child Left Behind and the fixes the AFT seeks. Hard to see how that stays very interesting for long. I get it: The AFT doesn’t like parts of No Child…now back to Mr. Sun. Easy fix: The AFT has interesting things to say on other issues, would be nice to hear them in the blog format, too.

Also, the AFT has sort of lost the chance to build a separate identity on NCLB because they stayed quiet while the NEA launched its ongoing jihad against the law. Except among the folks who follow this closely there is little understanding that there is a difference between the two teachers’ unions on the issue. Good news: At least that saves the NEA the hassle of starting a blog.

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