You Can’t Change The Weather

The Eduwife is something of a weather junkie to the point that she considers the Weather Channel a bit too processed and prefers to mainline her weather data straight from NOAA.

The same choice is now available in terms of education data for parents. Folks who want more distilled data about schools can go to a site like, a great not-for-profit site with parental comments and information about schools that gets about 2 million unique visitors every month. For those who want more granular data and comparative analytics S & P’s is a treasure trove and by far the best thing going on that front. The Gates and Broad Foundations have made enormous grants to support the S & P project.

Either way, just like you can’t fight the weather and you can’t change the growing transparency and availability of educational information, the corresponding growing hunger for it, and some consequences that are going to flow from that, for instance a coming producers – consumers battle in education.

Low-Hanging Fruit: 2 million unique visitors a month, millions of dollars being spent to help inform parents and no reporter has written this up?

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