Adventure travelers pay great sums of money to go to places like the Galapagos Islands and Patagonia to see pristine examples of things in their natural settings. As for you, you can just come to Eduwonk and see this pristine example of what’s wrong with American education right now from the comfort of your home or office.

What’s most frustrating is that Eduwonk’s all for more investment in schools, thinks turning all low-performing schools into charter schools doesn’t make a lot of sense (though admissions, the concern voiced in this article, is actually not the problem) and would very much like to see a more sensible financing structure in most states. Yet the tenor of this exercise seems like pretty much exactly the way to make sure none of that happens anytime soon!

Also, though there is a hopeful tone from several supt’s at the end, don’t miss the hapless parent who wandered into this. Isn’t that the lede?

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