Homeschool Madness!

A lot of buzz about homeschooling. A widely read AP story over the weekend says more blacks are homeschooling but had no actual data to help make heads or tails of that claim though it seems plausible based on a lot of anecdotal evidence. Meanwhile, writing in the Chronicle of Higher Ed Hope College English prof. Bill Pannapacker discusses homeschooling from the higher education perspective and makes some interesting observations. Well worth reading.

Wild Generalization From Personal Anecdote: A few families up and down Eduwonk’s road homeschool. Their reasons vary from religious to just wanting to spend more time with their kids while they’re young. And some families homeschool some kids while sending others to the local public schools (which are quite good).

In other words, a quest for more educational customization in different forms seems like the story here. And, while homeschooling is still just a small percentage of the overall number of students in elementary and secondary education and seems unlikely to ever achieve a significant market share, public schools should still pay attention to the more secular reasons for it and try to respond.

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