The Royal Treatment…And The Balanced Treatment

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla are visiting the SEED school in Washington today. (Do it yourself…Eduwonk will leave the jokes about sleep-overs, boarding schools, etc…which are already coming in via email, to readers.)

On Noon Monday Nov. 21, Urban Institute and CRPE are hosting a forum on charter schools to mark the release of: Hopes, Fears, and Reality a new annual analysis of charter schooling from CRPE’s National Charter School Research Project. The speaker line-up is:

· Paul T. Hill, Chair, NCSRP
· Robin J. Lake, Executive Director, NCSRP
· Andrew Rotherham, Co-founder, Education Sector
· Joe Dominic, Program Officer, Heinz Foundation (invited)
· Todd Ziebarth, Policy Analyst, Augenblick, Palaich, and Associates (2003-2005)

The event starts at noon, you get fed at 11:45, and you can RSVP and save yourself a seat and a sandwich by emailing here. Copies of the report will be available.

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