Russo has the links to a blogosphere – MSM discussion going on to the effect that perhaps there was a point of view in Hedrick Smith’s recent documentary…Whoa, stop the presses! It comes through pretty clearly in this interview and frankly…who cares? Everyone has a point of view…the differentiation is who is upfront about it and who pretends to be fair and balanced.

The other issues up for debate are whether some folks in the documentary were not properly ID’d in terms of their affiliations and whether the presentation of NYC issues was balanced. Can’t remember about either and like Russo don’t have the time to watch it again but (a) undisclosed conflicts of interest are a common problem in education reporting because sources often don’t disclose real or potential conflicts and it’s pretty damn hard for journos to keep tabs on them and (b) the Daily Howler is all over the NYC angle so you can read up there if you’re interested.

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