TQ In Ed Week

Education Week starts sniffing around ABCTE($) …sounds like a lot of bad there right now, worth watching and watching who else leaves the board…and watching whether this reignites the ELC issues…What’s a shame is that some sort of portable candidate-centered certification makes a great deal of sense as one option for states and schools and the actual instruments that ABCTE has developed are pretty good…but the leadership there has managed to make such a hash of things they’ve really set that effort back.

In the same issue, Center For Teaching Quality’s Barnett Berry wisely cautions ($) that it’s time to move past the debate over traditional preparation versus alternative certification…and then proceeds to use several hundred words to tendentiously skew Teach For America, seriously. Considering how he enthusiastically pimps National Board on thinner evidence and never misses an opportunity to attack TFA it could almost seem to a lay observer that he just has it in for them…but that’s what makes education policy what it is today, as British PM Tony Blair once quipped, you get to deal with conservatives on both sides of most issues…

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