NCSL Dissonance: Dave Shreve Punks Nevada’s Teachers!

The NEA has actively been offering up the National Council of State Legislature’s opposition to NCLB as one more reason thinking people should oppose it. But now NCSL says:

An analyst for the National Conference of State Legislatures said Thursday there is no evidence that paying public school teachers more money will lead to better performance by students.

“Many of us have made the assumption there has to be a correlation, but there is no research to support that better paid teachers bring better student performance,” said David Shreve, invited to address the first meeting of the interim legislative committee studying school financing adequacy.

“Yeah, sure, have that Shreve guy in, he’s great! He opposes NCLB…what could go wrong?”

Incidentally, this paper (pdf) makes the case that NCSL’s opposition to No Child is in no small part because of the law’s potential to make states spend more on education through school finance litigation. That’s good, and it sounds like something the NEA would support, right? Think again, there is no logic here or rather a perverse logic.

Article link via Intercepts.

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