NAEP Action

NAEP scores were hurtling up…now they’re not…uh oh. Actually, don’t panic or rejoice…best summation of what all this means is the always restrained Tom Loveless in this Washington Post story…essentially still time to take a deep breath, too soon to tell. In the New York Times Jack Jennings, who seemingly says a different thing about the law with every new report that comes down the pike, is more concerned.

Fordham Foundation compares NAEP with states, interesting, but weren’t these discrepancies there before the law, too? Could be NCLB will aggravate them (but seems hard to lay all that at the feet of NCLB though doing so helps Fordham’s national standards/test project), yet solving that is a can of worms. National Alliance of Public Charter Schools sees good news (pdf) on that front.

Ed Trust, not too happy. Ed Week, just the facts ($) no reax.

Actual NAEP data here. S & P analysis here (pdf).

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