More Katrina Vouchers

Wash. Post reports on what is happening. Here is some irony for a rainy Friday morning, the precedent that may be being set here is that the school districts will end up administering voucher programs in the future…that’s bad news on several levels…

Problem is few have an appetite to fight this for a couple of reasons. First, behind the scenes, a lot of Democrats are sick of the voucher issue and sick of fighting about it and the education/advocacy groups pretty much drive them nuts. Second, with the administration imploding over Harriet Miers, seemingly impending indictments of top officials, Tom DeLay’s perp-walk, Bill Frist’s blind trust with eyes, and Iraq, nobody wants to hand them an issue by gumming of the works on Katrina relief and creating a Homeland Security Department redux sort of situation where D’s get cast as obstructionist.

If you’re in the bleachers watching, a good barometer to keep an eye on is the NEA. They have to oppose it, but are they going to go to the mat to stop it or not? There is opposition and there is opposition. That’s a good indication of how, if, a fight will develop.

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