Latest Dan Brown Code-Breaking Thriller

Exclusive: We have cracked the Valerie Plame case. Today’s NYT attempts to link Dick Cheney to the disclosure of her covert CIA status. The question: was he out to get her?

Guest Eduwonk has recovered some of the VP’s notes from an undisclosed secret location. Under “delegate,” we found: “1. Christmas shopping, 2. U.N. hellraising, 3. Exercise, 4. Anagram Valerie Plame.”

It turns out that Valerie Plame anagrammed becomes “A Lame Evil Rep.” Or worse: “A vampire elle.” Case closed.

We now bring our anagram prowess to “No Child Left Behind.” Did President Bush and Senator Kennedy plot this evil law to purposely harm the little kiddies?

Anagram says: yes. “Hidden belch, oft nil” describes the attitude of some towards the law’s efficacy. “Fed blotch, Delhi Inn” is presumably a reference to the White House’s secret plan to subcontract all instruction to India.

Of course, supporters and opponents of NCLB can agree that the law cannot possibly work if educators remain disinterested in actually closing the Achievement Gap, like in Alameda County. Good thing all their schools are shipshape.

– Guest blogger GGW

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