NYT and NY Daily News report on U.S. Representative Charlie Rangel’s proposal for differential pay in the city. Big significance both in the UFT reaction — favorable — and because it’s further evidence about how far that debate has moved. From NYT:

Nearly two years ago, Councilwoman Eva S. Moskowitz, the chairwoman of the City Council Education Committee, was accused of interfering with contract talks when she held hearings on the city’s contracts with teachers, principals and custodians.

Yesterday, Mr. Rangel rejected such a charge. “This is our business,” he said. “Nobody has a right to go and have closed-door negotiations.”

Ms. Moskowitz said she was thrilled by the congressman’s remarks. “The contracts are public documents signed by public officials and there has got to be transparency,” she said. “I am delighted that voices much more powerful than mine are saying that.”

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