School Can Be Day Care!

Interesting article from the Chicago Trib about offering a different kind of bene for teachers: Child care.

There is this:

Gail Purkey, a spokeswoman for the Illinois Federation of Teachers, sees day care as a way to attract and retain teachers.”

If you see the companies that are the best to work for in the corporate world, it’s those that provide child care,” she said. “Sometimes a day care sets one company apart from the pack. It can do the same for a school.”

And this:

Staci Maiers, a spokeswoman for the National Education Association, sees it a little differently. On-site day care, housing subsidies and signing bonuses are among the ways school districts across the country are trying to make up for lags in salary, she said.

“We’re seeing a trend,” Maiers said. “Teachers are looking at the benefits. But the bottom line is, good salaries attract good teachers. If you are going to recruit teachers for the long haul, we have to give them what they are worth.”

Isn’t the NEA always saying that differential pay or performance pay are bad ideas because teachers don’t respond to money?

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