Reader Feedback

Couple of notes from readers about recent happenings. From the DC side a dismayed reader writes plaintively…

Am I the only one who thinks that there are some people within the education community and the Bush Administration out there who are trying to take advantage of Katrina?

Meanwhile, a political type in NYC writes about this to say:

The thing that is so enraging is your original point: we were just starting to get our elected Dems feeling comfortable about looking at school governance issues from the perspective of kids and ready to tackle the more difficult issues. Now it feels like we are going back to step one. If I’m a politician, any ideas I had about speaking up are now erased – for good reason. This is too bad for Moskowitz, but I’m even sadder for the rest of us who are trying to move the ball up the field a little bit.

The only bright side right now is the fact-finding report pretty much validated what people like Moskowitz and Klein have said all along about the impact of the contract on quality public schooling. The panel treated it like the obvious no-brainer that it is.

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