Odds And Ends…And, Dave Bing Gets Fouled

The new Carnival of Edublogs is up, check it out…a lot of work goes into compiling this.

Thanks for playing, good try! This could be the most honest and straightforward Ed Week headline ever…is the transparency tide turning? If so it’ll make a lot of folks nervous…For a more serious look at the high stakes issue research by Carnoy-Loeb and Hanushek-Raymond is a better bet, this new “index” doesn’t really hold up.

The Bush Administration is clamping down on the ELC.

David Ethan Greenberg of the Denver School For Science and Technology gets RMN space to put forward an oil-spot strategy for New Orleans. Paul Hill does the same in Ed Week.

Jay Mathews re-discovers charter schools.

And, just in case you were not disgusted enough with how urban education politics screw-over poor kids, try this on for size: After he agreed to help Robert Thompson make his $200 million gift to Detroit to build new, smaller, high schools there, Dave Bing was rewarded with a “Sambo Sell-Out Award” from a group called the “Call ‘Em Out Coalition.” Local elected officials were on-hand and one actually made the award. Dave Bing of all people…Why is only the conservative press on this story? Backstory here and here.

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