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This NY Post op-ed is bouncing around and sparking some discussion on Edwize.

The teacher makes some good points about the challenging conditions, but these grafs:

Maybe if the city worried less about test scores and more about improving all aspects of the school system, conditions would improve. Maybe teachers aren’t writing on that Web site about how to improve schools or help children because we have tried everything we can think of and nothing has worked.

We are decent, educated, hardworking people who simply are frustrated and exhausted by what we have to put up with day after day in order to educate the minority of students in this city who want to learn and succeed.

Have we really tried everything? On the contrary, the change-averse nature of education, Cuban’s “grammar of schooling” speaks to that. And a lot of what we do try is superficial not deep changes.

And, only a minority of students want to succeed? How about some expectations…seems pretty self-fulfilling.

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