Math Porn…And, Fordham’s Not-So-Sunny Disposition Toward NCATE

If you’re really into mathematics then the Fall issue of American Educator is for you…two interesting articles on math instruction and some other resources. While you’re there, don’t miss Ed Week’s Keller (reprint from earlier this year) on AFT’s Africa AIDS initiative and also GWU’s James Horton on the American Landmarks series.

Meanwhile, over at Fordham, they’re coming around again on the “disposition” issue in the NCATE standards (pdf). Worth reading if you follow the various preparation debates.

A free (cold) beer to the first reader who can correctly name a person who has worked at both Fordham and the AFT (current/former Fordham and AFT staffers ineligible, sorry). Email answers here.

Update: We have a winner, US News’ Wildavsky, please stop sending entries (even the random, albeit funny ones), it’s Matt Gandal, now #2 at Achieve.

Update II: Brown/Annenberg’s Bob Rothman wins a bonus beer for this tidbit:

…did you know that Checker was once a member of the AFT? He had a kind of adjunct membership while he was assistant secretary. I don’t know if the union still offers that kind of membership.

Correction: Fordham’s Prince Petrilli writes to note an important correction (though prize winners still get their beers):

…technically the answer is incorrect: Matt Gandal DID work for Checker, but before Fordham was launched. But there WAS someone who worked at both Fordham and AFT—our recently departed research assistant Michael Connolly, who is now at NYU Law.

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