Education’s Hysterics And Hucksters To The Rescue!

Per this item Intercepts has more, including the famous second letter…by happy coincidence for the most part the NEA’s regular agenda is just the right agenda for post-Katrina recovery, it’s like a first-aid kit you can take anywhere…And, turns out what the kids on the Gulf Coast need is not a virtual school…it’s vouchers! Who knew USS George Allen was so handy in a pinch? (via Brink). If these guys had their way the Coast Guard would have been dropping Basal Readers to kids stranded on rooftops…you don’t need fresh water and food or a place to live, what you need is an education tax credit!

How about just rebuilding the public schools there? And in the case of New Orleans rebuilding the system much better than it was as Bob Herbert notes in The Times today.

Also, hire this woman to teach math for you!

Update: Still looking for a way to help? TFA’ers in N.O. could use some help.

Update II: Per the above, Slate’s Mickey Kaus: “Any thoughts that maybe the teachers’ union wasn’t using Katrina to try to get out from under the accountability provisions of No Child Left Behind turn out to have been excessively charitable.”

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