Edu-Gambling…Win A Free Book

OK, it’s not as interesting as wondering when the NSBA powers-that-be will let independent minded Tom Hutton take off his hair shirt, but here’s a fun parlor game nonetheless:

There is a new book out by an early TFA alum, Ed Week here, Teacher Magazine here. It’s just one account but a reliable edubookie puts the over-under at 9 days from today before one of the usual suspects puts it out as an indictment of TFA overall. But it would be illegal to take bets on that.

So, instead, the reader who correctly predicts (closest) the time and date on the first e-newsletter, news blast, etc…that uses the book to indict TFA wins a personalized signed copy of this book or this one, winners choice. Email entries here and send possible indictments to the same.

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