Department Of Walking And Chewing Gum…And Department of Charters…

In NYC Klein announces an ambitious new charter school initiative reports the NYT’s Herseznhorn. Interesting (lame?) comment from the UFT in the last graf, can’t Klein deal with the test issue and open new schools? Hopefully, just an editing glitch, there must be more context than that, no? Wait! These guys don’t think so…Anyway key quote on the larger issue:

“This is exactly the type of stuff that needs to be done if we are serious about trying to have more schools,” said David Levin, the superintendent and co-founder of KIPP, the Knowledge Is Power Program, a nonprofit foundation that operates 45 schools in 15 states and Washington, including four charter schools in New York City.

“This is what we have ultimately felt was holding back schools around the country,” Mr. Levin said. “When people ask us what the major impediments are to starting more schools like KIPP, it’s the three F’s – funding, facilities and freedom – and facilities are kind of the most prohibitive.”

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