Another Bomb Thrower Is Born…Briefly…And Born Again!

Uh oh…the blogosphere is proving to be quite an outlet for young teachers with something to say. TFA blogs are popping up like mushrooms after a rain and here is another new blog…Newoldschoolteacher. This one is going to be fun to watch. Here’s a taste:

So I am at a school of education, home of teaching people how to give urban kids a crappy education. I am currently using all my powers to ward off the incessant doctrinal attacks on being oldschool.

Jeepers! Plenty more…agree or disagree it’s well written and hard hitting.

Also, while you’re looking for interesting teacher blogs have a look at What Up, Mz. Smlph who has been busy and has a great blog going. Plenty more linked over there to your left.

Update: Academic freedom? Fearing retribution Newoldschoolteacher has decided to go dark, and though Eduwonk now knows her identity he’s not telling it nor the way to find her new site. Sorry for the tease.

Update II: Reborn! The blog is back, try the link above.

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