You Can’t Keep Him Down

Goldstein, still going wild, writes to note the following:

Results from the California standardized tests (STAR) from 2005 were published August 15. One note: the Achievement Gap in Algebra II proficiency was 27 percentage points….58% vs. 31%

Snooze, right? But that’s not the black/Hispanic to white gap. That’s the Asian to white comparison! The black/Hispanic to white comparison is actually SMALLER, where Algebra II proficiency is 9% black, 15% Hispanic, 31% white.

Scholarship on the Asian-American “high end gap” is not that common. Harvard Scholar Vivian Shuh Ming Louie has done some work but it’s still relatively unexplored.

None of this is to say that the Achievement Gap does not primarily remain one that describes the difference between black and Hispanic kids on one hand, and white and Asian kids on the other. As a noted Achievement Gap author says: “Still, those numbers have Asian students 1.9 times as likely as white students to gain proficiency, whereas white students are twice as likely as Hispanics and 3.4 times as likely as black students to gain proficiency.”

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