Triangulating Teachers

Must read post from Jenny D:

“In my study, we find two kinds teachers in urban schools–those who really care and those who don’t. Of those who care, some report working hard to come up with better ways to teach disadvantaged kids, and some report struggling just to do the work everyday in a challenging setting.”

“So, one group has mastered some practices that work, and has moved into a more demanding phase. But they often do so in isolation, and without good support or feedback. Remember, these teachers are working side by side with those who don’t care, and those who struggle.”

“The fact that only a third or a quarter of teachers in these schools are achieving some kind of mastery is disturbing. We need to do more to a) help the skilled teachers maximize their practice, b) support the struggling teachers who care, and c) get rid of the people who don’t care.”

– Guest blogger GGW

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